Digital E-Gift Champions

Leading in the way in digital gifting for retail

The UK gifting market has undergone profound change in recent years, not least in the rise of the digital e-voucher which now commands 6% of a £7bn market and rapidly rising.

Voucher Express has played an important part in this transformation. Working first with Ticketmaster back in 2011 to develop an e-voucher product which could be issued and redeemed instantly, Voucher Express has gone on to manage the consumer as well as corporate sales of e-vouchers for over 30 famous retail brands.


Digital e-vouchers, also referred to as e-Gifts, digital gifts and e-Codes, have multiple benefits over traditional gift cards to both issuers and users. Retailers benefit from manufacturing cost savings; zero distribution fees and a marked environmental improvement. E-Vouchers can be continuously re-branded to reflect instore promotions whilst customers can be directed to specific product with e-Gifts interacting seamlessly with existing EPOS systems.

In the gifting arena, senders and receivers alike benefit from instant delivery and the ability in most cases to spend on receipt – Party to go to? Nothing to wear? An e-gift from Topshop, sent at 11am and spent at midday saves the day.